Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pip Squeak

We are once again foster failures and have a little girl in our family. Every pack needs a little girl. Pip Squeak (aka Brandy) is a little biter girl. She's 100% better than she was when she first came here but rather than risk anything happening to her we adopted her. She sleeps with mama and loves to play ball. She is a little princess and knows it! LOL

Wrinkles and Ben

We finally got a decent picture of Ben, Casper and Tawto's oldest brother. We believe he is around 12 years old now. He was blind when we adopted him. We took him to the Veterinary College in PEI to have his cataracts removed. Now he hates having his pictures taken. I think it's the flash that hurts his eyes.

We got Wrinkles when he was pup. He's 9 years old now and the best bruder a doggie could have. He still loves to play. He is Tawto's chew toy.