Saturday, April 11, 2009


Although the boys really don't pay much attention, this is their little foster sister, Brandy.

Hello, my name is Brandy and I am a diva. I am beautiful with my curly blond and black hair. Although it’s not nice to ask a lady her weight, I really don’t mind because I am a petite 10.8 lbs. Like all divas I have my list of demands. I must have fresh water every time I am thirsty. I will sit and stare at the kitchen sink. If the water is not forthcoming quickly enough I will bark for attention. I also demand a good game of fetch the ball. I have a toy chest full of toys but I only want to play with my ball. My foster mother thinks I am quite talented because I will toss the ball to her or roll it over the floor to her.

My 8th birthday is coming up in June. That makes me a Gemini. I would love a new family for a birthday present. My other mommy was really sad to see me go but she has to go to the hospital. She’s really sick. We have been together since I was a puppy. She even kept my baby teeth and told me to give them to my new mommy.

Right now I live with my foster parents and 6 brothers, 4 canine and 2 feline. I ignore them as much as possible. Girls rule, boys drool! I would rather have my new mommy and daddy all to myself. Although I always slept on a bed in my other home, I don’t like being around the boys so don’t sleep with my foster parents. They gave me my very own apartment. My crate is my safe spot but I don’t like having the door closed.

I don’t think I would like any little humans. My foster mom says I can be a bit crotchety at times, especially if I’m moved when I’m asleep or I get my feet brushed. I REALLY hate having my feet brushed but my foster mom and I am working on that. She is also trying to pee pad train me. I have been trained to go to the bathroom IN the bathroom. I have done this all my life and would never pee on carpet so I’m a little resistant to the pee pads. My foster mom says I’m a smart girl though and I’ll catch on pretty soon.

I LOVE going for rides in the car and going for walks. I also love giving kisses and getting snuggles. I am up to date on all my shots, micro chipped and spayed. I do have a bit of an eye infection but am on antibiotics so that should clear up soon. I am really good about having my eyes cleaned and drops put in them.

I am a princess and need an alpha queen to guide me but if you would like a soft, sweet, funny diva in your life I’m your girl!

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